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Site End of Life

Hey all,

The time has come for me to shut this site down: I've been paying the monthly fees all this time, I can't do that anymore.

(Thanks to the one person, you know who you are, who has helped a little with that).

It's not worth rallying to try to fund the site now, because also the technology stack is way out of date: before long it will simply stop working.

So ... make the best of it while it's here, it'll be turned off soon.

All the best,


How to change password here?

Long since needing to change my password on the GaJ site. How does one do this?




Are there any mods that improve the roundness of tyres ?

CMBO Map maker mod

Is there a mod that upgrades the CMBO map maker? Perhaps one that allows overlays, or intuitive elevation editing like in the later CM games.

Pz IV F winter

Help me please, I need the best winter mod for Pz IV F.

Help for CMH...

Error Message 1.5.0

I noted that someone was having trouble getting CM Helper to work, and getting an error message (see below).

I just upgraded to Windows 10 and am getting the same message ... even when I downloaded CM Helper 1.6.2.

Is there a quick fix?

Thanks in advance.

New site

... is pretty much there. Should be days, not weeks, before it's announced.

It won't contain/support CMx1 (at least initially): I'll turn back on uploads here and we can keep using here for CMx1.

New site

Hi Martin

When is the new site going to be up and running?

Estimated guess?

Hope your fit and well...

Will it continue to support CM1 mods?

Drat's it back to the front for me.....

Uploads disabled

Hi All,

I've disabled uploads in preparation for a big move to a new "CMMODS".

If you're mad keen to have your shiny new mod in the new site, before it goes live even, you know where to find me.



WHEN I down load scenario where do I send it and then when I'm in game, how do I find it? I have down loaded mods and they work, but can't find scenarios in game so I must be sending them to the wrong spot. HELP ME PLEASE.

CMBO mods not working

Hello, like many others I was forced into changing from XP to Windows 8.1.
During this process I somehow messed up configuration for CMBO, after hours of trial and error with screen resolutions I got game to play but graphics were awful, the gridded grass just shows up as “Mushy”.
I download a gridded grass file from this web site, pasted etc. Still not grids showing.
I vaguely remember something about files with 30000, 30002, 30003. Being required to add mods???
Can anyone guide me please.
Also the Splash screen has reverted back to the original one

Corrupted archive by DavidInglett

reupload, pls...

Error message version 1.5.0

Everything was working fine and then today i tried to open it and this popped up?
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 6, in <module>
File "", line 128, in <module>
File "", line 125, in <module>
File "", line 51, in __init__
File "", line 52, in __init__
File "", line 29, in __init__
File "", line 79, in load
ValueError: File not in a supported format

Any idea what i can do, tried re downloading it and it is getting the same message, so that must mean there is a file somewhere I have to delete to clear. Windows 8.1 patched to the latest version.



H2H Helper is now called CM Helper, and can be found here: .

H2H Helper 1.4.0


I would like to get a copy of H2H Helper, I am understanding I need a link to access it's location.

Z folder

Just create a new folder named "Z" in the "data" folder.

z folder for mods

i downloaded 2 mods that both need to be put in the z folder in the data file but there isnt a z folder in the data file what do i do to to fix this? this is the first time i have tried to mod CMBN or any other CM game.

Locating the enemy

Units that have binos have a better chance of spotting. That's about it.

Unfortunately, a mod can't change the way this works: mods are only skins on the appearance of units.

Thanks for the donation!


locating the enemy

I have played the game for a while now and thought how good it would be to have the ability to use those Bino's that the game provides but seem to have little effect. To all Modders, is it possible to create a mod to provide a degree of magnification to those in the game that possess Binoculars. this would add realism and would improve your locating and identifying skills. And this would make your planning phase more realistic.

Oh, and by the way I made a donation yesterday in appreciation of all your hard work, thanks.

CM Helper

I've been having an interesting issue since I installed CM Helper 1.3.5-Beta. If I am on-line when a new chat or game turn comes in I am taken out of the on-line window. The CM Helper comes to the front of the screen.
Does anyone else have this problem?

CMBN Stupid question

I'm new to CM and have the Mac version. I saw there are some mod specifically for Mac's. Here's the stupid question, will the other mods work for me or only the ones for Mac's?

Once I download and install them into the Z folder I created, how do I know they are actually working? I ask because I have downloaded a couple Mac Mods but not sure if they are up and running when I play the game.

Thanks for the help

Newbie Dan

Cata's donating

With some delays, but really thanks for your work and particularly making CMH works with Mac ...


Black boxes

Best ask about black box craters in the BFC technical forum. That sort of thing often means your computer is running out of memory. It can also mean that the permissions on the file is bad.


Shell Craters

Iv'e had lots of problems installing the 3.0 engine to CMBN and CMFI, but after a lot of headaches, my CMBN is running normally BUT, ALL CRATERS appear as BLACK BOXES???/ anybody have a clue what I can do to fix this??? Thanks, Gary

To upload Mods

... click on "Your Stuff" tab in the top right, and use "Add New .... " links.


how would I upload mods or missions


No-one has complained about CMH locking up.

See for how to submit a bug report.


Helped out with a donation,this site is well worth contributing to. Keep up the good work.
Want to ask, is there a known problem with CM Helper, it locks upon me almost every time i use it. Just wondering if you have heard of this happening.

Streeties mods

As you can see, further down in the chat history, Streety had an issue with the way this site is run, and as a result I believe he pulled his mods.