Mod Chat...

nice job looks real cool

1 question if i remember rightly some mods were available as packs if i remember ie sherman mod pack etc i cannot seem to find them any help would be great ...cheers

By the way, I hate it how when you make a chat post, it ends up notifying you that there's a new chat. "Duh - I already new that - it was me who put it there".

It's not supposed to do that, and I will fix it when I can.



Depending how big the list is, for each kind of problem, a different solution will be best.

For example, if there are only 2 mods with duplicate zip names, then I will manually fix that. If there are 100, then we need a better system :)

Thanks for your efforts, looking forwards to some fixing!


Mods that fail to load

Am making a final effort to get CMBB finished. so will upload everything I can but a lot of the remainder are mods that have problems such as "name already used". Will make a list and send it to you so perhaps you will be able to spend some time and re-set these items.

After some experiment, have found the easiest way is to work my way down the not uploaded listing. So the top items do not work down as far as AF_Nashorn


Nice work GAJ :)


By the way, this chat section supports basic "bbcode", which hopefully you are familiar with from the forums, for doing things like bold and URLS and stuff...


OK - now we can chat about mods :)

Here is a cheap & cheerful addition where we can chat about the most recent mods that have been posted, features we'd like to have, issues etc.

If we need something more sophisticated ... let's talk about it here :)