Mod Chat...

CMAK ETO by streety

Can't find the mods for the above. Streety's link in the BF forum comes here but as I said I can't find the mods, 8 I believe.

If anyone can advise where these mods are that would be great.

Thanks JTF

Aris mods

Boy do you really make Clear and very accurate mods for all sorts of equipment and vehicles, Great Job!!!And thanks for all of the time you spend creating these beautiful Mods. Thank You Very Much, Gary 312

Request for Kieme...

Great mod work, man! Much appreciated! Between Aris and yourself, CMRT is looking fantastic...

Any chance at putting all your building mods into one download? As a working Dad, there's not a ton of time for CM and CM-related activities... same goes for ground & tree stuff when you feel like you've completed a group of terrain tiles...

Thank you for your time & efforts!

Hpt. Lisse

Hey Aris - you donate so much already, you didn't have to do that, but it sure does help.

Thanks to all who donated in the last little while - I got enough to not have to worry about CMMODS costs for a few months...


Aris donating...

I hope my donation makes things a little more bearable. Thanks GaJ!!


I hope that will help :)

A french fan.

Funding needed

Hi All,

As you'd expect, there's been a rush on CMMODs the last couple of months, with all the CMRT goodies here.

This was reflected in the bill I got this month - $150, ouch! 7x the normal monthly bill.

A few of you have kindly donated from time to time to these running costs, and I wouldn't ask you for more.

What I would ask is that if you haven't made a donation, now would be a great time to do it.

500 of you downloaded JuJu's interface. If only half of you donated $1 the costs would be covered for a few months to come.

The reality is that less that 5% people will respond to a call like this, so if you can donate a few dollars right now I'd appreciate it!



(Note: I'm also working with another generous person to move the Mods to infrastructure he can provide for free, so I don't have to make requests like this - but this as you can imagine is no small undertaking, and is perhaps still a little ways off yet).

about upload trouble ...

... I'm not sure how to help: the first thing you need to do is try to help isolate the problem.

Are you able to upload smaller mods in your current browser configuration?

Can't upload

I am trying to upload a new music splash collection for CMRT/BN/FI. The 7z-file would be 189MB, the zip-file 230MB.
To date I have not been very successful. After clicking "submit", the upload-window *races" through in a few seconds (unlikley to upload that fast. My internet connection is not the fastest.), I receive a prompt saying "upload failed".
I tried to upoad a couple of times now, using IE8 an Firefox.
Any suggestions?


OK :)

Don't forget that the more that gets put here, and downloaded, the more it costs me.

So if you're a downloader, please click on the yellow button top right.



CMRT folder please

Can we have a new folder please for the new game. The Ostfront grogs are back!

Question about H2H helper

Hi GaJ!
First of all i want to thank you for all your efforts in making our life better and easier with that great site and the valuable H2H helper software :)
I want to ask you about a problem that i have.
Recently i ve installed win7 ultimate as my OS(my HDD died and had to replace it )
When i trying to run the programm,by executing the exe file nothing happens.Even when i trying to run it as admin i m just being asked if want to allow a programm to perform some changes and when i m pressing the yes button nothing happens.
I ve disabled my antivirus(avast) but nothing.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Image complaints


If you pointed out to me the image that bothered you, I apologise, because I don't recall that.

I will go and deal with the offending one now that I know what it is, as soon as I can. I've never had to pull a mod before, I have to figure out how am I going to do that!

However, to be honest, I put the matter of your complaint out of my mind after you said "don't worry about it, I'm not going to be involved anymore anyhow".

And being labelled "disingenuous" at any time, especially in public, doesn't do a lot to warm me to your cause.

You might want to pause to consider that I run this place very much as a background hobby (one that costs me up to $50 per month) and hardly ever visit here or have to touch anything... it ticks along on it's own. So what you may be perceiving as lack of willingness is actually just lack of time and visibility.

I'm sorry that you're carrying so much anger towards the CM community, and for any part I've inadvertently played in that.



Improper preview images


I read your chat, and am glad that you now agree with me in theory, however, the image that I complained of is still there:

I told you exactly which mod and modder it was, so I find your comment that you couldn't find it to be somewhat disingenuous. I was also saddened that the modder's only apparent response, in his very next uploaded mod after my complaint, was to put a similarly pointless image (albeit this time a half-naked Sean Connery in "sex-slave" leathers from a 1970s Sci-Fi film):

Which to me seemed like the modder's feebly infantile attempt at "screw-you a**hole" response.

Of course, by listing them here I've drawn even more attention to them, so you'd better get them removed asap - if your previous comments are to be taken seriously. If it were me I'd ban the modder concerned for being a jerk.

To anyone still playing CM1 and who might be looking for my mods - I will eventually upload them on another host (and leave brief messages here and at battlefront) when I find time & one that employs far stricter moderation than those commonly already associated with Battlefront or CMMODS. I really wish things were otherwise.

Sad regards, and my apologies to all decent CM gamers who might give a damn.

Thanks Capt Awesome

... who donated a couple of months worth of CMMODS costs. Much appreciated!



The battlefront forums are working fine.

Try getting help via

The forum is definitely the best place to get answers to "how do I install mods properly, why can't I see them?"

EDIT: PS: You don't "see" the mods that you install as options. As soon as you install them, they are working. This means that if you install a Aris Dirty Panther mod, then when you run the game, you should be seeing dirty panthers...


About H2HH (Owen)

There's a thread at in the Normandy forum about troubleshooting H2HH. Basically - first thing to try: find a file called AppState.txt on your computer and delete it.


CMBN CommonwealthForces, and how do I apply the mods to correct

I have to CMBN two questions:
First, you know what happened to
I wanted the addon Commonwealth Forces buy and download me.
But it does not seem to enter the page. Also on the forum is no access!
Where can I download "Commonwealth Forces"?
I already searched a lot on the internet but found nothing.

And as the second:
Where can I find the mods, armor, units, terrain, etc. ..
I have housed as described in the Data folder of the example folder "Z". but can not find in the main or submenu units or tanks. Not even in the scenario editor.
Scenarios is no Problem.
Would be grateful for quick help.
Greetings Panther GTI

H2H Helper stopped working


For some reason my h2h helper has stopped working. made no chages to the software or updates to my pc. I was using 2.9.2 and now when I click on the item nothing happens. I'v tried reinstalling to no aail. I've also downloaed 2.10.7 which I also can't get to work. When I try to run 2.10.7 I get the following message, 'Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 6, in <module>
File "", line 128, in <module>
File "", line 113, in <module>
File "", line 47, in __init__
File "", line 66, in __init__
File "", line 34, in open
File "", line 30, in __init__
File "", line 30, in __init__
File "", line 239, in open
File "", line 223, in __init__
File "", line 82, in open
error: db type could not be determined'

Do you know what the problem might be? I love H2HH and consider it crucial to my CM PBEM games. I really hoe this can be fixed.



If there are ever offensive previews, please let me know directly (you know how to contact me) and I will pull them immediately.

I haven't seen the one being referred to - I need a pointer. I only saw the cartoon one that is currently on the front page - that's the one I referred to as "I don't understand". I had a look around, I can't see any half naked boy pictures.

This hasn't come up before, so I haven't had to think about it but upon reflection, I would like previews to be "in character" with the topic of this site. I'll chase up Oddball about that...



Mod Previews and donations

As to content of preview pics: a half-naked child (or a half-naked adult for that matter) is not appropriate to the subject matter and thus could offend some people in some countries when visiting your website.

For me personally, the image of the half-naked boy was "merely" a bit exploitative (in the photo's context) rather than sexually offensive (by being topless), so if he was my son I wouldn't want him made fun of in that way, and so by my standards the image was inappropriate (and in anyway, it isn't relevant to the mod). Which is why I kindly asked that it be removed. And all of which is why I'm saddened that you question my values, and I'm disappointed that neither the modder nor you seem bothered, let alone merely agree to accommodate a request even if it doesn't bother you.

So I won't be making another donation, and will pull my mods shortly (not out of spite to downloaders but because I personally don't want me or my mods to be publicly associated with those who lack my standards). Sadly, I've left the Battlefront forum for the same reason. But I (also, very sadly) accept that not many share my increasingly old-fashioned values.

Bye guys,

Wow, really, all hail Marco Bergman!

So ... I was chatting to Marco and he asked me what CMMODS costs to run.

A couple of days later there is a donation for a year's worth of running costs!

Let it now be known, for a year, as GreenAsJade and Marco's CM Mods Warehouse!


Thanks, all hail Marco Bergmann

Just recently Marco made a really decent donation to CMMODS, enough to keep it going for a few months. I really appreciate that.

FWIW, it costs me $20-$30 per month to keep this site. The average donation is about $7.50, and it happens once every couple of months.


Oddball sound mod alternate

Are others offended by the preview for this? I have to admit I don't understand it, so it doesn't offend me!


Some unit mods come with this readme

"Unzip and drop “Aris Panzer IIIN” to Z, then add decals from the Decals folder, renaming then accordingly check “Renaming bitmaps” section"

I don't quite understand what this means regarding decals and renaming bitmaps section I have unzipped the main file to a Data Z folder OK.
Many thanks

Inappropriate preview images

Oddball_E8, I accept it isn't my website or my rules, but can you please consider changing the preview image for your CMFI "Alternate sounds for my soundmod" mod?

Yes it's a little bit funny, but it lacks good decency/taste, and is also just a tad exploitative of a half-dressed child and completely NOT relevant to CMFI.

Change Password advice

Hey, Alex/Wafflemann, you should be able to see a "reset password request" option listed below the normal login boxes on the login page. Seeing as you haven't mentioned it I'm guessing you didn't see it, and I think maybe GaJ is too busy to answer all the questions for which there's already a clear solution. Anyway, click on it and then you are asked to put in your username and your preferred new password.

I haven't had to change mine but I'm guessing that, so long as the password isn't used by someone else, and you haven't been banned etc, then the system will automatically generate an email to you, in which you then might (or might not) have to click a provided link to confirm. Standard stuff.

If this doesn't work then email GaJ (see the FAQ).

Pont-la-DeCross Scenario

Have amended as per Dogglsmac advice...

and tampered slightly with some force values.

Thanks for the help Dogglsmac.

(See earlier thread)

Change Password???

Hi GaJ,

is it possible to change the password?

Greetings, alex


My first attempt at using AI on a scenario.

Any feedback for:
VB1 Point 213 Brits vs AI (SS)

Either post here or send to:
petermk5 at yahoo dot co dot uk