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Hey Aris

Do you have any plans to mod the PSW 233?

You 231 looks so good.


In H2HH, use Help->Report Bug.

Or send to h2hh at gregories dot net.




Hi all. I'm looking for a Stug MOD for CMBO made by me...John Tucker which I have long lost. If anyone has it, I'm fine on you loading it as your own, just let me know that I can download it. I miss it!!! Thanks Also, I'm new to this site and have read the FAQ, but not quite sure how or even if there is a way to contact me (to let me know the MOD is downloadable). Basically, I'm in punt mode. Thanks again.

Pont-la-Decross-bug fix

N.W. side of Kens Bridge has bad drop off, to correct set tile height to same elevation on all three tiles where Bridge meets road.

h2hh Mac version 2.44 crash


H2hh 2.44 crash on my Mac Snowleopard.
Is there a FAQ or something where i can post the error file ?
Or is it possible to get the source,so i could try to find by myself with Wing or Pydev ?
Or maybe you already know the reason why ?

Despite of this pb,Tkx for this great job.

PS: I also post on BF CMBN forum ...


It sound I have some trouble to upload any mod, what I do wrong?

Pont-la-DeCross Scenario

Some problems have arisen, that appear to cause the file to crash (crash dumps), either on the move or on your opponents next move.
If you attempt to cross the bridge to the island to gain the points “save the file” prior to sending via E-mail save.
Should the file crash, either on your move or your opponents, open saved file and delete crossing.
On testing the game, vehicles and infantry crossed to gain the points, successfully. In the tournament the game has crashed when squad of pioneers, and the crew of a vehicle, attempted the crossing.


Blow56, you should read down just 5 posts below yours for the answer to your question.


What's happened to all the cmsf mods

File Sizes

Hi Umlaut, looks like GaJ is away. When I did my WesternFront mega-mod, he suggested I aim to split it up into 50MB zips. My files ended up ranging in size from 35 to 60MB. I think one of the bigger ones had to be done a couple of times before upload success. Maybe the 50Mb suggestion was a pay-off of typical upload and download speeds/times and the potential for drop-outs with larger files (i.e. not everyone has fast broadband), rather than any theoretical database file-size maximum.

Oh, and I guess that anyone planning to upload as much as into the hundreds of megabytes ought to email GaJ (like I did for WesternFront, via the email given on the FAQ page) for specific clearance beforehand, in case it pushes the overall repository past any space allowances he's currently budgeted for.

File sizes?

Hi GaJ
I am working on a new set of force specific backgrounds, but now I´m beginning to suspect that the files may be too big. Is there a max file size here. And if yes - how much?


Ramelle battle

Does anyone know if the recently uploaded "Ramelle battle" scenario by Jacquinot is for H2H play?



Cmbb rulesets

Hi everyone. have just converted to win 7 (from vista) and find my old CM mission games are working fine! have been pleased to find this site thing though...can't find any CMBB rulesets (plenty for CMBO/CMAK here, thanks!) anywhere..any ideas? Thanks!


My hosting service upgraded some stuff, causing me to have to do work on all my sites.

I haven't been motivated to upgrade CMSFMods, because it wasn't being used that much. Many mods were being posted to BFC Repo, and not to CMSFMods - that makes it kind of pointless.

"Use it or loose it" they say. They are talking about your mind and your muscles, but it applies elsewhere ;)



what's happend to cmsf mods ?

CMBB sound mods

Hi DesRux,
Sounds are even more a matter for personal taste than visual mods are, so this is just a personal opinion: I explored a lot of CMBB in-game sound mods a couple of years ago and ultimately went back to the default set. Back then, the ten-part "Father Of None" mod set seemed the most comprehensive collection, and it may well be more historically accurate (as all such mods attempt to be). But after installing this, and trying some others, I found I preferred the default sounds for overall balanced tone, relative volume levels, and clarity when all put back together in battle.

A couple of other very popular CMBB sound mods, that I can't remember seeing and trying back then, are "New Sounds Pack For CMBB", by Godflesh, and "CMBB Sound Mod", by Captain Wacky - both uploaded by Der Alte Fritz. Simply search mods for "sound" to see a big listing of what are mainly CMBB mods.

Limey has provided a "Soundmap" mod, which helps by listing the wav numbers for the mechanical and gun sounds - but note it doesn't (yet) break-down the voices beyond listing the overall number range.

Oddly, I found some default CM sounds wouldn't play in Windows Player (to individually check them out) but would play in the VLC Media Player (which you can find and download free from:

For intro-music, check out my "Panzerlied" (for axis) and "The Sacred War" (for allied) mods.
Hope that helps a bit.


Hi! What the sound mod for CMBB can you suggest? Thanks

CMMODS back after an outage

Hi All,

CMMODs had an outage due to outgrowing the size allowed for free databases on the server.

Mark "mjkerner" Saunders has kindly and generously stepped forwards and helped me to pay for a production database. So we are back and better than ever... the production database feels a lot faster.

All hail mjkerner :)



PS: CMMODs is now costing $25/month to run ... donations are always very much appreciated.

PPS: Rake also stepped in with a generous donation, so we are rocking and rolling :) Post your mods here :)

About the H2HH problem

Please use Help->Report Bug

to report errors like this.

Please update to the latest version.

How to install CMBN mods

I recommend you search this topic at the site.

Briefly, you put them in a folder called "Z" in the Data folder in your combat mission installation.

If they are a zip file, you have to unzip them. If they are a brz, you don't have to do anything.

instaler les mods dans CMBN

j'ai un petit souci !je n'arrive pas à installer les mods dans CMBN (j'ai essayé avec ReZEXplode) avec les 3 premiers opus il n'y avait pas de problème.
est ce que quelqu'un peut me donner la marche à suivre

H2H helper

I have been using it happily for the last few weeks. I then installed CMFI and created an entry on H2HH for this. When I tried to load the helper next time there was a long error message and it only displayed the outer shell of H2HH and nothing inside. The top 4 topics are there, but the centre is blank. I have removed it and reinstalled lots of times, it still won't run. Anyone got any ideas please...

ogging started...
(this log also stored at: C:\Users\Ian\AppData\Roaming\GreenAsJade\H2HHelper\h2hh_log.txt )

This is 1.5.4
Checking things out...
Looking for CMBN installation: CMBN
Checking install at C:\Program Files\Battlefront\Combat Mission Battle for Normandy
... with drop box at C:\Users\Ian\Dropbox
Looking for CMBN installation: CMBN Demo
You don't seem to have CMBN Demo
Looking for CMBN installation: CMFI
Checking install at C:\Program Files\Battlefront\Combat Mission Fortress Italy
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "wx/", line 14660, in <lambda>
File "wx/lib/pubsub/core/kwargs/", line 38, in sendMessage
File "wx/lib/pubsub/core/kwargs/", line 24, in publish
File "wx/lib/pubsub/core/", line 340, in _publish
File "wx/lib/pubsub/core/", line 359, in __sendMessage
File "wx/lib/pubsub/core/kwargs/", line 64, in _mix_callListener
File "wx/lib/pubsub/core/kwargs/", line 27, in __call__
File "", line 259, in OnAppEvent
File "", line 123, in _Go
KeyError: 'is_default'

Real oponents for Combat Mission

If you want play with real players for PBEM you can find their on this site:

You must login on this site if you want see emails players.
On site you can change language.

Greetings from Poland

[email protected]

Usage and costs, FYI

70GB of mods were downloaded from this site last month.

It costs me $10/month to provide this traffic.

The "Donate" button is up there on the top right :)



Would like a PBEM game for CMBB. Haven't played for a few years but always used to enjoy game and would like to try it a again. Will play either side any scenario.

[email protected]

H2HH Version History

1.6/.0 isn't up here yet, sorry about that! Maybe soon :)

- Got "initiate dropbox sharing" working again

- Fixed bug (failed to initialise mbox properties in
- Corrected up error message when the "drop box" folder is not set (was out of date)
- Hopefully fixed the error tracking for temp file deletion failure.
- Added CMSF detection
- Added oppo timezone report (Under Game right click properties) & fixed it :)
- Added recovery if we can't delete temp file, and if oppo is using older version

H2HH 1.5.4 difference

Hey GaJ,
What's changed in this most recent H2HH?
Mines working great by the way.
My two brothers, who are not too computer literate, think it works on magic :)
Very impressive work.
Great job!

Grassing on your computer...

Blimey, I've not known about that sort of CM problem before - even though I do have a dual core (albeit an "old" 2006 one from when they first came out, and running XP, and playing CM:Anthology).

Sounds like you've fixed it but if not then try this: I do recall a dual-core issue with Call of Duty, where I had to "set the affinity" or use an "affinity hook" - i.e. force the computer (either through Task Manager or via one of a few separate programs you can search for and download) to play the game through only one of the two processors.

Grass and sillyness...

Discovered the problem...

I had properly added Hi Res grass tiles, but CMBO was not loading them (look 4 GB dual core, 1 GB dedicated Video memory...) . Just renamed the thing by myself. On the opposite my desktop at home (no dual core just one Giga RAM, 256 MB video ram...) was working without problem with high res grass... mah...

on the plus side swa the funniest thing in the game a StuH42 and a M4A3(105) killing themselves at the same time! (and in high res modded environment)

No mod questions are ever stupid if you've not done it before...

Hi Arrigo,
There are tons of various terrain mods at this site. Sounds like what you have modded are all the terrain elements (tree bases and brush bases etc) and not the main terrain itself. Your best initial bet is to look for mods by the same authors whom you used for your terrain elements. Otherwise search for "grass", "dirt", or simply "terrain" and plough through them. For CMBO I use Caffino CMAK gridded terrains (search for "caffino"). The CMBO ground tiles you need to change are: bitmap numbers 1550 through 1569 for grass, and 1470 through 1489 for snow. Basically, any CMBB or CMAK grass and snow is going to be a big improvement and for CMBO you could try "CMBO grass grid" (which is a modified form of Captain Wacky's CMBB grass, redone for CMBO by mfred).
Hope that helps, streety.