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I am finally back on CMBO and enjoying it really a lot. But there is a way to have the niced toned down grass I see in every screenshot instead of my stock fluorescent green I have? I have modded all the terrain but open ground does not change!

CMBB-AK Longetivity

New games come and go, some sound like they might be good - but in the end I find myself always coming back to CMBB & CMAK plus mods!
My goodness these games are the best; EVERY nation, AFV and unit you can think of, the ENTIRE ww2 period in their respective theatres - no need to have to keep on buying expensive add-ons for these babies (unlike CMN which should actually have been named CMN - just the US front !!), but BEST of all they are completely stable and bug-free - something that's unheard of in these days of unfinished games going on sale as the norm.
Long live CMBB & CMAK !

FAQs suggestions

P.S., there was also the question of "how do I revise a mod?" that I answered for someone a little way down in these chats. Again, I guess you could just cut and paste my answer.
Cheers, Streety

FAQs Suggestions

Hi GaJ, Well, if you get time to do it... Replying via chat in case anyone else wants to add a suggestion.

1) I guess you could probably cut & paste my initial mod installation answer under the question "How do I install mods?" but with the initial proviso "The following applies to windows PC operating systems - other systems may vary". Or else put "(for Windows PC)" at the end of the question if you manage to develop a separate answer for Mac users. Note if you paste my answer that I included some info specific to my mods, so you'd either have to edit "my" to "Streety", word it to say that this answer is provided by Streety, or just cut that section out.

2) I guess you could also have a question "Where can I get game help?" with the answer:
Whilst it's always nice to talk, my chat section is primarily intended for chat or queries about specific mods, modding ideas, or about using this Warehouse, and not about game issues. So, for questions about installing mods, see the relevant section elsewhere in this FAQ. And, for any other type of question that isn't explained in your game's manual, or for any other aspects of the games and WW2 history, the game editor, technical problems or for general game-talk, please go to the Battlefront Forum, here:

3) You are welcome to use my scavenged second answer for CMBN too, but I don't have the game and so can't guarantee it's accurate.

I guess you could also consider adding "Before posting a question, please read the FAQs" somewhere near the top of your chat page, or else make the FAQ list appear down the side of the chat page (currently it only appears there after you make a new post and not before - at least on my crappy machine...).
Adios Amigo, Streety

I'm very happy to add information to FAQ about anything really :)

If someone wants to email me (or even post the text here) of what the Question and Answer should be, I will add i tin th FAQ section...


GaJ - Modding info suggestion

Hi GaJ,
Just a follow-up thought, but for newbies coming across your site and re-asking these questions it might be an idea to take my recent posts as the basis for a tab linked page either next to your FAQ tab (or put in the FAQ), or a linked at the top of each page when someone clicks on the "Mods" tab. And it would need a CMBN modder to confirm/expand that side of things.

I know a lot of this can be found at the Battlefront Forum, but it isn't always easy to navigate and newbies might not know it - and I don't think your site provides a link or mentions it by full name. I can list it here:
as I'm sure others have, but a year or two from now people won't be bothering to read this far back through all the subsequent messages and so will just ask again. And this one "How to Mod" subject is at the very core of your website's being and not all mods contain effective readme files.
Cheers, Streety

How to install mods - CMBN only

Hi Chriscookieipswich,
Yeah, I feared as much but my last message wasn't wasted as it (at least tried to) put something definitive for any newbie to CMBO, CMBB & CMAK in years to come. I've not bought the new CMBN, but having examined a few mods, it seems CMBN often uses .brz files instead of .bmp files. In nik mond's Axis Oak B Camouflage Uniform mod readme file it says to place the mod's .brz file in the Combat Mission Battle for Normandy\DATA\Z folder and that if you do not have a Z folder in your game's DATA folder then create one. And then you just put this and any future mod file in this Z folder, and start the game. I've also read that all mods (images and sounds) go in this same Z folder.

If that don't work, and the modder hasn't given the info in a readme file, try the Battlefront Forum.
Cheers, Streety

P.S. - Before I buy CMBN I'm waiting for it to include what was historically the largest (albeit only by a whisker) allied force for D-Day & the battle for Normandy - i.e. the British Commonwealth forces (US forces became the largest after Normandy). The Brit Com forces also faced 2/3rds of the German defenders (and 3/4ths of the panzer units) in the Normandy battle. But for some reason the game's makers only watch Hollywood (or History Channel drivel) for their history lessons....). Oh, and before I get lots of complaints - I got my info from US historian Stephen (Band of Brothers) Ambrose's books "D-Day" and "Citizen Soldiers" (though blink and you miss these major points he barely allows in passing before he over-does the US angle). OK, I'm done moaning, sorry, I'm not anti-US, but just miffed the game-makers ignored 2/3rds of the battle for Normandy (the Brit Coms shouldn't be some later minor-nations add-on)!!

How to install mods - CMBO, CMBB & CMAK

Hi Chriscookipswich,

Modders often put a readme file in their mod (such as I do) giving (some) instructions, but assume the downloader has some knowledge. However, for a newbie it might seem daunting. This question was asked (by deanrees01) and answered (by mfred) on this forum before (in 2009). The answer was that you'll find deeper discussion on other forums such as here:
But, seeing as it is relevant to this forum, I'll also offer a simple answer below:

Most mods here are bitmap files (numbered files ending in .bmp) and change the way things look in the game. For CMBO and CMBB (Combat Mission 2) the BMP folder usually sits in the game's main folder in your computer's C drive folder called "progam files" (note this is what windows XP calls it - windows vista and windows 7 might just call it "programs", or of course you might have installed the game on another drive etc). In the CMAK (Combat Mission 3 Afrika Korps) game's folder you have to look for the BMP folder inside another folder called RUN. In order to use a mod you can use one of two methods. The simple and most common way is to do it yourself manually by moving or copying the files in the mod's folder directly into the game's BMP folder, thereby replacing the specific .bmp files therein. Don't move the whole folder or zip file into the BMP folder, but just the numbered .bmp files that you find in the mod, or else the mod won't appear in the game. Always make a copy of your existing BMP folder (or just the file numbers concerned) first, in case you don't like the mod.

Rather than do the above, some people instead use CMMOS (which can be found in the mod database by the author name of "CMMOS"), which is a program for switching various mods in and out of your game. Mods used with CMMOS usually appear under the author name of CMMOS or have CMMOS in their title. Mod files used with CMMOS also look different in that usually they aren't a simple numbered file (like "12345.bmp") but often look something like "plaincamo-12345.bmp".

My own mods are designed for manual modding rather than CMMOS, but mine also often have various options for a particular .bmp file that might look like "12345-withbottle.bmp" and "12345-plain.bmp" and where you see this you need to decide which one you prefer and then rename the file to remove the additional wording (so the above example would look like "12345.bmp") and then put that in the BMP folder. I name my options this way so that you could (if you wanted) simply install all the options into the BMP folder and leave them there. Note that by having the wording follow the number, such as "12345-plain.bmp" (rather than the more common way around of "plain-12345.bmp" used by many modders), they can be easily found next to the bitmap number they relate to when sorting your bitmap files in order, and they won't do any harm (even in the BMP folder) because only the option you rename to be without the added wording will be used in-game. Indeed, I often just keep the original bitmap in the same folder, renamed (such as "12345-original.bmp"). However, it may be better for when managing mods yourself if you create a separate folder called "mod options" and put copies of the mods there as well as back-up copies of your original and current BMP folders prior to adding the mod.

Some mods are sound files (numbered files ending in .wav) and found in the game's WAV folder - which you'll find in the same parent folder where you found the BMP folder. And you can change these wav files in the same way as mentioned above for bmp files.

Hope that helps - don't know about CMBN. Streety

revised submission

thanks for the info guys!


Thanks for the reply. I have CMBN and the file structure you describe seems completely different, with just a few large files and no bitmaps at all, but cheers

How to install mods?

How do I install these mods please?


Revised submissions

Hi Paul (toxiczen). What always worked for me was: just to go to your mods, and look along to the right hand side of the one you want to revise where you'll see "edit" and "upload". Click on "upload" and upload the new zip file and it just replaces your old one. You just might have to give your revised zip file a new name (been a while since I revised a mod - try it with the existing name first and then with a new name if system don't like it).

Alternatively, you can delete your old mod (click "edit" and see the "delete" button at the bottom of the mod's page), and create a new one.

Hope that helps, Streety.

A little help - Fit, Weakened and Unfit = Unit Fatigue

Hi Sid66. GaJ might well tell us off because yours is not a Mods issue but instead a question for the Battlefront Forum. However, the short answer is it's all about how healthy a unit might be and how quickly they tire out on the battlefield. And so for editing, healthier units just cost more purchase points. At least for CMAK, Battlefront gives a description under the Paragraph headed "Fatigue" here:
No idea about CMBN. Hope that helps, Streety

revised submission

i want to delete the old version of H2H pond feud and submit my newer revised version... how I do dis?

A little help

Can explain someone what is the difference between "fit" "unfit" and "weakened" inside the unit editor?

I see what you mean.

The problem with providing more ways of having them sorted is "how would you access this?"

Is it another entry, per game, on the left side, "by type"? Where will this end?

Another answer to this should be "use Advanced search" ... it lets you specify "CMBN Terrain mods".

Unfortunately, I've just tried it myself and I see that it is both very slow and not working properly :S

I'll take a look at all of this when I have a chance.


Sorting by type

Hi Martin,
Seems to me the whuppings were the other way around :)

Although doing a search for "terrain" works, it brings up all the games or subcategories, CMBO, CMBB, CMAK and CMBN terrain mods.
You can't do a search with in any of the sub categories.
I tried doing "CMBN Terrain" amongst others but I keep getting "no matches found".
Now don't get me wrong, scrolling through the CMBN mods searching for a terrain mod is no big deal, it's fun to see what all mods were done.
In fact I downloaded a couple I didn't come here for in the first place such as brighter bases and muzzle flashes.
Kewl ;)
I was just wondering if it was possible to sort is all. No big deal one way or the other.

And thanks again for keeping this site alive.
You da bomb.

Sorting by Type

Hi TedRam,

Great to see you back, you'll have to whup me again some day.

To get a list by type, how about just typing the type name into the search bar?

Let me know if this "does it" for you?


PS: thanks heaps for the donation, much appreciated!


Hi GaJ,
I'm slowly getting back in to gaming again and just started playing CMBN.
I'm having problems with getting the hang of LOS and thought I'd stop by here for a gridded grass mod and sure enough found one.
I was so pleased that this site is still up that I made a small donation in appreciation of your time and work in keeping a home for modders to store and display their excellent work.
Good job GaJ.

Anyway, back to the subject.
Would it be possible to be able to sort by Mod Type?
Right now it's not much of an issue but if and when the day comes that there are many pages of mods this could come in handy.
If not, no big deal, it's kind of fun scrolling through what people have done.
Thanks and keep up the good work!
(aka TedRam1)


Nevermind, I found it. Thanks for keeping these files alive.


Is there a place to download CMMOS anymore? I cannot find it, I lost it...

H2HH Help...

... , send me an email (h2hh a gregories dot net), ideally with a log from running H2HH...

H2HH's idea of who's turn it is is based on what files are in Incoming and Outgoing email directories, so if you are deleting files in there, this would mess it up...


H2H Helper

Im having troubles getting this to work properly. Frequently it lists some of my games as waiting for my opponent, while some say it's my turn. When in reality, they should all be waiting for my opponent, as I have completed all my turns.
I am also having to do all the uploading and downloading of turns. into the appropriate folders, even after editing the games.
Any idea of what Im doing wrong?

Streety's grey paved streets

While I'm here, and seeing as my grey paved streets mods seem popular (or, at least, people keep downloading them). I've always been a bit disappointed that under certain weather conditions (some rain and fog) the country roads can still look a different hue to my city roads. I also worry that people will get different results with different graphics cards etc. So, I'd be very grateful for any feedback - especially if you've solved the weather problem (or find you don't get it!) or if you've improved it etc.
Cheers, Streety

Modders' sorting

Hi GaJ,
While we're on the subject of sorting, could you add a "game type" column to the page we modders get when we click on "Your Mods (as author)" and "...(as uploader)"? I keep getting confused with my mods.
Cheers, Streety

mod sorting

Thank you very much! Already getting stuff for CMBB :)

... your wish is my command...

... mods-by-author is back as an option...


Mod sorting

Yes, I will bring back the sort-by-author as an additional option as soon as I have a chance to fit it in.

With all the new CMBN mods arriving, it was important for people to be able to see what was recent in each individual game.

Standby :)

sorting mods on the website

Uhm, until some days ago the mods were storted by uploader, now by date, there is a way to get the mod storted by uploader again?

Get CMBN Mods posted here

If you like having CMBN mods here, it might be a good time to tell the mod-makers over at

There's also nothing stopping anybody reposting mods from the Battlefront Repository to here. Just make sure, if you do that, that you set the "Author" correctly to the orignal author.

(If the original author is not available in the list of authors, let me know, I'll add them)