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Ah great!

Glad you found both versions. Happy campaigning! Stay away from beautiful women and any interesting real-life - you'll only enjoy it and it'll ruin you.



Thanks for the tip downloaded 3.1 version and the ruleset then found 4.5 here...

ev erything is going fine... except the mail is late in giving me back Barbarossa to berlin (and my mom had problem in findind the CD... I hate to live 1126 km away from my games, models, books, pet and everything... only nice girls and interesting activites are good here!).

CMMOS - version 3, anyway..

Hiya Arrigo74,

some nice person called captskidd uploaded links to version 3.02 of CMMOS, along with rulesets in an answer on another forum just a few months ago, here:

The links seem to work but I don't use CMMOS, and can't promise that these are legitimate files so recommend you scan them with an anti-virus program before using.

According to what he says, this version was for CMBO only.

Hope this helps.


... send me an email, describe a bit more detail what problem you are having uploading mods.

@Hawk: CMBN is already here...

... just no-one has uploaded a Mod yet.

Look in the left bar on the main page: CMBN.

I will probably grab a mod and upload it here soon just to get things started, make sure everything is OK.



Will GreenAsJade add Combat Mission Battle for Normandy to its file base? They have some mods already posted at Battlefront. I can't think of any better place to do so.


I am dumb, and I cannot find CMMOS anymore. I have a copy in a back up DVD but the back up DVD is arouns 1100 km from me (I told you I am dumb) and I doubt my mom can find it. CMBO and CMBB are supposedly coming from home and want to play again with the mods... can anyone help me in downloading CMMOS?

File problem: snow german truck by David Inglett

Just to alert either GaJ, Cpl Kenshaw or DI that there's a problem with this entry - it looks like the zip associated with it is a Tiger tank and seems to have caused the system to pull its hair out when you try to download it, saying:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>


stciaram's mods - 251/16 flamer and streety humber

Hi Stciaram,

Can you confirm the game and the bitmap numbering used on your 251/16? My original CMAK 3250 bitmap shows the back of a halftrack, not a side view bitmap that your mod has. Got a feeling you might have intended it to be a CMBO mod, not CMAK? And does the 251/16 share any bitmaps?

Also, could you edit your humber description to state my username "streety" just to help anyone looking for my version. (the "Street" you've used is actually my real name, that no one must ever know....). I like the look of your mods, by the way.

You can change the colouration/appearance of items in CMAK using mods, but you can't change "what they are".

So you could write "King Tiger" on the side of a Tiger, but it would still be a Tiger :)

King Tiger for CMAK

I noticed in CMAK there is no King Tiger.

I was curious if anyone out there had a mod that add the KT for CMAK?

Or if it was even possible?

CMMOS4 Manager

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find CMMOS4 Manager,

Found it!



Probably the best places to get advice on general CMBB technical issues are either at forums, or in the technical forum at


I can't get no text!

have recently loaded CMBB to new laptop running windows7, but the game will not display text in info windows or vehicle data screens. Is it windows7 or my ATI Radeon 3200 card that's to blame. would be grate ful for any advice.

A small request

Can someone with a lot of Panzer IV G H J models or all of them put them in one big pack for CMBB?

It's been a hassle digging through thousands of them, one central source would bee cool.

Panther G (late)


I made a mistake while updating my old mod and it seems it's now a double. You can remove the older one. Thanks!

EDIT: Scrap that, just found out I could delete it myself.


... how can you post here if you can't log in?

mchlstrt's Romanian T26 mod is password protected

Hi all. The main folder on mchlstrt's Romanian T26 mod is password protected (according to my machine anyway) but I can't see the password written anywhere. I made a workaround because the accompanying optional markings bitmaps folder in the same zip is not protected - and so used them with renumbered bitmaps from mchlstrt's Soviet version of this tank (which I suspect others have also done).

However, there's no contact email in mchlstrt's readme file so this message is another way of letting them know about the issue. If I don't hear from mchlstrt I'll upload my work-around.

Update 23/07/10 - uploaded my fix, keeping mchlstrt as the named author.

Re: Hungarian Hussar Uniforms

The only guy that ever did proper uniform mods was AndrewTF - and he hasn't done anything in a long, long time (and there still are some of his mods missing).

So the best solution always is you do it yourself - either as an expedient mod (based on AndrewTF's work) or completely from scratch. ;-)

Hungarian Hussar Uniforms

Anyone working on developing these? They should work easily over the ordinary Hungarian cavalry.


[email protected]

Soviet Guards Cavalry Uniforms

Anybody done any Guards cavalry uniform mods. I know units are missing from game, but should be relatively easy to mod ordinary cavalry as guards - I will post my field expedient mod uses ATF's regular guards tunics and headgear if anyone is interested - but perhaps there is something better out there?


[email protected]


I've tried to log in many times, but to no go. I even tried to change my log-in password, and it said it took. But I still can't log-in.

Please help
edl (user name)

thank you!!

after cmmods shut down and my old pc crashed - all my mods are gone!
you saved me with your new page!

PS: can anyone tell me where I find cmmos 4.05?

PPS: found it, can anyone tell me if there's a ruleset for cmbb? I thought I used to play with it.

PPPS: excuse my bad english, I'm not a native speaker.


You indeed succeeded in recreating cmmods, and you did it with a far better interface! Congratulations and thanks!

cmbb anyone

looking for cmbb game tonight. i will paly any battle and take either side.

Latest Soviet Marines Mod for CMBB

For the AF_RED_NAVAL2 mod:

Not sure of the Historical accuracy, but shouldnt the Infantry Squad Have the overcoats? Versus the blue and white stripped undershirt as the main skin for the body?

Help! Need to download CMMOS

Hello, I'm having alot of trouble because I have a bunch of mods that are packaged for CMMOS, but I cant find that program anywhere on the web.

I've tried unpacking them manually and using McMMM but it's really messy and a real pain, to the point where I'd rather give up than have to piece together 25+ different mods by hand.

If someone could point me to a download I would really really apprieciate it, thanks!

Back to basics

Having played all of the CM games in the past i wiped my computer a year ago and began to try a few other games but couldnt find anything that matches the depth or "playability" that you get with this series of games.

Well done for keeping all the mods alive. I'm re-installing CMAK and the CM west mod for some early war scenarios.

Thanks again

RE: colour chart when modding.


Check-out MikeyD's camou tutorial. It is in pdf form and has a colour chart included.

Here it is:

If that doesn't work, search for "tutorial" and it will appear. :)

colour chart when modding.

hey all.

was just thinking when regards to modding skin's n stuff..has any one thought of doing a colour chart for all to share???

many different form's of camoflauge out there all different shade's and was thinking it be a good idea if you (experiecned one's) could or know if it's possible to post or make a pdf or something to show what colour's you used on your mod's....

a very good example (one of my favourites) would be mikeyD's early panzer's for CMBB.. I believe that the light grey tone mikeyD has chosen to use is a perfect panzer grey tone for that era of vehicle's, but how could I find that EXACT tone??

come on chap's think this is a good topic to discuss!!!....reminds me of my modeling day's....(and no not the cat walk kind)

all the best,

(nicely said below)