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Like the phoenix from the ashes !

Well done - CMAK & CMBB are still the best WW11 strategy games around, ok they look a bit dated, BUT they are the best to play by a mile if you want historical accuracy and virtually every AFV and soldier of that conflict. It was a labour of love alright, you just don't get that now as these games have sadly become "dummed down".

Newer games are just pure eye candy; shallow and incomplete by comparison. That's if you can get them to even run in the first place !

Well, with these mods both CM's look differant completely.

I feel like I've met up with old friends again, having looked through the mod database here, Nice job.

RE: Pacific Theater WW2

Type pacific in the search function and the search should show a list of mods for both the CMBO and CMAK versions. :)

RE: any body know how to add schurzen?

The game's 3D Jagdpanther model doesn't support this.

any body know how to add schurzen?

hey all, i realy hope this was a forum rather than a basic msg board, oh well better than nothing...

i was hoping if any one knew how to add schurzen on to the jagdpanther?

it's listed in the unit detail's when you choose it from the unit list, but ! doesn't show it on the 3d model, had a idea to try and add the schurzen in to it from the panther, but am not experienced in modding these,

any idea's???

frustrating as this has been an issue with all the game's and even after all the patche's...

Pacific Theater WW2

Would someone please point me in the direction of these mods, please. Thank you.


who knows?

who knows how i can get a cheat mod?
for combat mission shock force marines

McMMM questions...

Hi. I'm new here & I wanted to say that this is a very good CM resource to have. Hopefully it stays up & running for a long time to come.

I'm having trouble understanding the McMMM mod manager. My CMAK copy is the CDV version. Where do I point (in the in Games to Mod section) to get CMAK "ready to mod"? The instructions for McMMM also talk about a mods folder. Do I have to create one and if so where does it go? Are the downloaded mods suppose to remain in zip when I place them in the mods folder? I understand that CMMOS mods don't work with McMMM.

Sorry for asking so many questions but even after reading the instructions I'm still confused about the program.

Thanks to anyone who is willing to explain this puzzle to me.

Ignore this. I got it figured out (after some fiddling).

Google Ads turned off

Hey all,

I dunno about you, I got tired of seeing ads here.

At the beginning I thought that google ads would be a "victimless" way of covering the costs of this site. If a few people click on ads I get a few $$ and it costs nobody anything.

But ... I guess there aren't interesting enough relevant ads for google to throw up, 'cause it wasn't really working. It's costing me about $15/month for the CMMODs data/traffic, ads were getting $5/month. Not worth it!

I'll have to think of a different way...


Riiigghht .... That'd be because the mods don't have any spaces in between the words, but the thing that you searched for does!


I shall heap many blessings upon your head. Lots of blessings. Tons, even. More blessings than you can shake a stick at (If that's your idea of a good time).

I had typed in "Father of None" and for some reason, got zip.

Thanks again.

Type "father" into the search bar on the main page, hit "search", then start downloading ;)


Father of None

I used to have this sound mod, but then I switched computers and this and that and I no longer have it. Any idea where I can get hold of it?



Corrupted mods

GaJ, can you try to contact badjuju_4 directly? Both of his recent mods (Opel Blitz - #4245 and SdKfz7 - #4246) do have corrupted BMPs and need to be reuploaded. Thanks!

many thanks!

I have got it all working now so am really happy to see the results in the game.
Thanks so much for all your help!


RE: Mod Manager

McMMM is here and there is one for Mac.

If the link doesn't work, put "manager" in the search function.


Mod Manager Programme

Sorry I should clarify my last post. Where can I find the McMMM mod manager programme. Is it somewhere in the Battlefront website?
Could somebody post the URL.

Many Thanks,


Mod Manager Programme

Thanks for that. Could you tell me where I can download the Mods programme Manager from. I went to the website but saw it had closed down. I followed the link from there to the HQ. site but couldn't see this download.

I did find a Mod Manager programme called CMMOS. Is this a newer version or a different programme entirely?

Thanks again,


Hot Damn.

Thank you, Jade, for opening this site. I started playing BO and BB in high school and just got hold of AK; I have always used extensively and I missed it terribly when it left over the summer. I have caused a slight BB and AK resurgence in my local area and I have been playing in weekly hotseat games. Thanks to you I can now showcase the finest skins in these games.

RE: Applying mods

It was recently discussed here;

Follow the thread, I think it covers most of what you will need :)

Trouble uploading Mods

Could somebody please help. I am trying to load the mods into the game. Could you explain how to do this.

Sorry if this sounds a bit obvious.

many Thanks,


Advanced Search bugfix

I fixed Advanced Search so that you can actually select more than just the first page of results...

ROFL, no worries :)

Let me go deal with those nasty CMSF mods..

Mistake, mistake, mistake!

Yeah, numbers are correct - but I obviously posted in the wrong chat. Those numbers are meant to be for CMSF mods, not Cmx1 ones. SORRY!!!

I can contact uploaders, though I can't pass their details on to you...

... let me know if this can help?


Somefink wierd here.

Are you sure about those numbers?

takes me to

MLS_BOWNTRPZR_V1.5, by mchlstrt

which is not corrupt.


Drope me a line: earlgrey(at) - explaining how to mod CM takes more space than this little chat is able to provide; but I think I can point you in the right direction(s) being a CM modder myself.

What I can already tell you, though, is that CM has severe limitations regarding mods - for one, you can ONLY change textures and sounds, but nothing else. Pity since you'll need a lot of phantasy for imagining certain vehicles which just use a proxy (e.g. SdKfz10/1 looking like SdKfz7/1), but that usually doesn't hamper your game experience.

Corrupted files #01-1

Okay, here come the numbers:

- #4201 (Plain Russiasn Vehicles)
- #4202 (Camo Russian Vehicles)

Do you know a way to contact the mod authors/uploaders, by the way? I have found another file that is obviously corrupted...

How do you make mods?

Hello everyone! I was wondering how you all go about making mods for CMBB? I'm mainly interested in doing vehicles. Is there some editing program you use I can download? And also how exactly do I go about adding the mods I download or make to CMBB? I can't seem to find any info on how to do that, I've extracted files to CMBB but it doesn't seem to do anything at all.

From the looks of the mod uploaded here I'm wondering if one can do more than just change the paint on the vehicles in the game? I've noticed a lot of odd mistakes in the game, like they use a sort of "generic" image to represent all tanks of a type. Like a PzIIC is used for everything from a PzIb thru the PzIIJ even though they have the correct hull of the PzIb used in the PzJgIb and sIG Ib. There are loads of examples like that.

Well anyways I'd like to learn how to make mods so I'd be very thankful if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Can you let me know the mod number of the ones that are corrupted? (THe number that appears in the URL when you click on that mod)

Corrupted files #01

Two have already been uploaded again:

- Gordon Molek's 'Camo Russina vehicles' (by me)
- Gordon Molek's 'Plain Russian vehicles' (by Marco Bergman)

If you could delete the corrupted versions? And make sure to NOT accidentally delete the respective addon mods (designated as such) of both versions - those work! Thanks!