SdKfz251/1D "GD", by Earl Grey

  • Description:

    SdKfz251/1D based on photographs of vehicles of PzGrenDiv "GroƟdeutschland" seen in Lithuania, summer 1944.

    Done with my (updated) SdKfz251/1D mod.

    Options: Tactical number and insignia for the following divisions:
    - PzGrenDiv "GroƟdeutschland" (based on actual photographs as well and therefore accurate)
    - 5.SS-PzDiv "Wiking"
    - 4.PzDiv

    Special: There's a dedicated CMAK release with the same camouflage pattern, but appropriate Western Front insignia.

    Notes: I left license plates out this time because I don't like them very much, but please add them yourselves if you wish to!

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